Agricultural flood control and drainage diesel pumps are powered by diesel engines

Agricultural flood control drainage diesel engine water pumps are generally refers to the diesel engine as the power, pump set through the elastic coupling driven by the diesel engine.

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Agricultural diesel engine water pump has advanced and reasonable structure, high efficiency, good vapor corrosion performance, low vibration, low noise, stable operation, reliable and easy to install and dismantle and other advantages.

The diesel engine pumps all use axial return fluid pump body structure. After the pump starts normally, the impeller will suck in the liquid stored in the suction chamber and the air in the suction pipeline together, and the liquid will be completely mixed in the impeller. The gas-liquid mixture enters the gas-liquid separation chamber through a diffusion tube. At this point, due to the sudden reduction of the flow rate, the lighter gas is separated from the gas mixture, and the gas continues to rise and exit through the pump body spout. The deaerated liquid returns to the reservoir and enters the impeller again through the reflux hole, where it mixes with the gas drawn from the suction line inside the impeller and flows to the outer edge of the impeller again under the action of the high speed rotating impeller. As the process goes on, the air in the suction line decreases until the gas is exhausted and the self-priming process is completed and the pump is put into normal operation.

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There is also a cooling chamber at the bottom of the bearing body of some pumps. When the body temperature of the bearing rises above 70 degrees due to bearing heat, coolant can be injected into the cooling chamber through any of the coolant pipe connections. The sealing mechanism to prevent the leakage of liquid from the high pressure area to the low pressure area inside the diesel engine water pump is the front and rear sealing ring, the front sealing ring is installed on the pump body, the rear sealing ring is installed on the bearing body, when the pump is worn to a certain degree by the long-term operation of the sealing ring and affect the efficiency and self-priming performance of the pump, should be replaced.

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The main features of the diesel engine water pump are

1. Automatic start: the diesel water pump unit can be automatically started and put into full operation within 15 seconds after receiving the fire alarm/network pressure/power failure/ or other start signal.

2. Automatic charging: the battery can use the mains electricity or diesel engine charging motor automatic charging, to ensure the smooth start of the unit.

3. Automatic alarm: automatic alarm and shutdown protection for diesel engine low oil pressure, high water temperature, over-speed and other faults.

4. Automatic preheating: to keep the diesel engine in a hot engine standby state to ensure emergency work.

5. Direct-connected: The diesel water pump unit below 360kw adopts the domestic first diesel engine and water pump directly connected by flexible coupling technology, which reduces the failure point and shortens the starting time of the unit, increasing the reliability and emergency performance of the unit.


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