How to maintenance the single cylinder diesel engine of the water pump?

The single cylinder diesel water pump is the most popular irrigation pump when there is no reliable power supply. It is very easy to use and no need much maintenance work.


Some customer of AN PUMP say, “We are using Chang chai diesel engine, 3 years no trouble at all. At the beginning of the first year, change the mechanical oil every month, buy the Kubota engine oil and update every half year. We never repair it and only add the engine oil, the only attention is the diesel engine don’t stop directly after working when it is still in hot.


What An Pump advises, most single cylinder diesel water pump is used at farmer and they don’t know the maintenance at all. However, our diesel engine water pump set reliable working and convince them in working.


Anyhow, when you need the pump set in continuous working, the overhaul is necessary every year, oil nozzle and piston need change, the filer should be updated every 3 month as in most farmer, it is dusty but it is up to you and the real conditions of the filer, wash it is also some cheaper but accepted when it is no so much dusty.


The engine oil pump and valve need check and change if it is required.


The machine piston pin and copper sets also need change when the pump set work long time.