5 kinds of centrifugal pump seal leakage situation and solution

The seal of the pump plays an important role in the operation of the whole equipment. The leakage of the seal system of the pump will seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment.

Pump with a wide variety of seals, different models, but there are five major leakage points:

  1. The seal between sleeve and shaft
  2. Sealing between the moving ring and shaft sleeve
  3. Dynamic and static ring seal
  4. Sealing between the stationary ring and stationary ring seat
  5. The seal between end cap and pump body


Phenomenon: The operation of the seal issued by the crack sound (end crack sound)

Possible Causes: vaporization of the sealing fluid at the sealing interface; increased cooling of the sealing surface

Solution: add bypass flushing lines (if not available) and expand bypass flushing lines and / or gland openings.


Phenomenon: continuous leakage of the seal

Possible Causes: Uneven surface; graphite sealing surface blistering; sealing surface thermal deformation

Solution: in the installation process, the auxiliary seal was scratched o-ring aging, due to compression deformation auxiliary seal hardening embrittlement due to chemical action auxiliary seal soft viscidity.


Phenomenon: Spring Failure

Possible Cause: due to corrosion, metal accessories damage, drive mechanism was corroded

The solution: check for incorrect mounting dimensions, check for improved flushing and cooling lines with improper materials and seal types, check for cap deformation due to excessive Cap Bolt Torque, check the gland gasket pressure is appropriate, check the sealing surface between other solid particles, such as the need to re-polish the sealing surface. check the sealing surface of the crack, replace the main, with the sealing ring.


Phenomenon: The process of operation, the seal issued a squealing sound

Possible Cause: the insufficient amount of lubricant at the seal

Solution: add bypass flushing lines (if not available) and expand bypass flushing lines and gland openings.

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