Split Case Pump

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Stainless Steel Split Case Pump

QS Large Flow Stainless Steel Pump Introduction

QS large flow stainless steel pump , QS series pump one of the main characters is large flow rate. It can reach 110m3/h-10000m3/h. The pump structure simple, easy for operation and maintenance. It is suitable for pure water or liquids similar to water in physical-chemical property. We can use stainless steel material for the corrosion liquids. This model is widely used in agriculture irrigation, fire fighting, steel, power industry. The pump head range 6-145m, it can be used in series when high head. Small amount of particles <10mm can pass through.

QS Large Flow Stainless Steel Pump Feature

(1) Easy installation and move, open back structure makes it easy to take out the rotor;
(2) Pump body support by anchor assure the stable structure and maximum resistance off-center and distortion caused by line load;
(3) No overload design, make sure performance operate stably;
(4) Adopt national standard hydraulic model make sure high operation efficiency;
(5) Packing seal and mechanical seal are available.

Split Case Water Pump Application

1.Plumbing applications
2.Circulation of hvac building systems, water booster service, boiler feed, general circulation service and more.
3.Irrigation, water supply, food processing, beverage processing, fertilizers.
4.Pulp and paper fans, plastic & rubber, metal & steel, pharmaceutical, paper mills, air wash, marine ballast service.
5.Fire pumps, fire protection, flood control, disaster relief, federal/military.
6.Power generation stations, desalination, energy recovery turbines
7.Chemical plants, refineries, petroleum distribution, coal sites, pumping.

QS Large Flow Stainless Steel Pump Performance Data Sheet

Model QSFlow rate (M3/H)Head (M)Speed (Rpm)Power (KW)
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