Fluoroplastic Centrifugal Pump

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Fluoroplastic Centrifugal Pump

Flow range: 1.8 m3/h-400 m3/h,
head range: 5m-80m,
power range: 0.55kw-110kw.
Applicable medium: any concentration of acid, alkali, salt, strong oxidant, etc. Features: lined plastic shell, long sealing life, compact structure, two and four motor options. Different configurations are selected for different operating conditions.


Common media
Hydrochloric acid
Sodium hypochlorite
Sulfuric acid (attention concentration)
PAC PAM solution
Nitric acid (attention concentration)
Sodium hydroxide (attention to concentration)
Hydrofluoric acid (note configuration)
Formic acid
Dichloro ethyl ether
Chromic acid
Aqua regia (pay attention to configuration)

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