An pump machinery chemical pump

An Pump Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional chemical pump supplier, mainly providing stainless steel chemical pumps and fluoroplastic lining chemical pumps.

stainless steel chemical pump

Stainless steel chemical pumps are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, pharmaceutical, food, synthetic fiber and other sectors to transport alkaline corrosive media. Fluoroplastic chemical pumps are used to transport any acidic and alkaline corrosive media;

An pump mechanical chemical pump seal form

1.Packing seal

The filler with compressibility and resilience is placed in the stuffing box, and the axial pressing force of the gland is converted into a radial sealing force, thereby sealing.

Because the packing sealing structure is simple in form, convenient to replace, low in price, suitable for speed, pressure and wide medium, it is widely used in the design of chemical pumps.

2.Mechanical seal

The most widely used sealing form in the chemical pump industry, due to the advantages of mechanical seals with low leakage and long life, the world’s mechanical seals are the most important shaft seals in these equipment.

Fluoroplastic chemical pump

According to the different uses of chemical pumps, the classification of them is detailed.

  1. Process pump: including feed pump, return pump, circulation pump, flushing pump, sewage pump, replenishing pump, output pump, etc.
  2. Utility pump: including boiler pump, cold water tower pump, fire pump, water source deep well pump, etc.
  3. Auxiliary pump: including lubricating oil pump, sealing oil pump, hydraulic transmission pump, etc.
  4. Pipeline pump: pump for oil pipeline, pump for loading and unloading truck, etc.