Water pump common faults and troubleshooting methods

Fault one: the water output is small after the water pump starts

Cause analysis and troubleshooting:

  1. The suction pipe is not tight and the air intake, the water appears milky bubbles

Exclusion method: check the suction pipe, plug the leak

  1. The rotation direction of the water pump is wrong

Remedy: Change the motor power wiring, switch any two of the three wires and start.

  1. Insufficient valve opening

Remedy: Check the valve switch position and open the valve after finding out the cause.

  1. Pump speed is not enough

Remedy: Check whether the power supply voltage is too low; the speed control pump should increase the speed and increase the water head.

  1. Insufficient pump head

Exclusion method: the pump with a higher head should be replaced

  1. Flowmeter failure

Remedy: recalibrate flow or repair or replace.

  1. Foreign body is blocked in the suction pipe or impeller flow path

Remedy: Stop disassembling inspection after judging and excluding other possible causes.


Fault two, pump vibration and noise

Cause analysis and troubleshooting:

  1. Loose fixing bolts of motor and water pump feet

Remedy: readjust and tighten loose bolts.

  1. Pumps and motors are not concentric

Remedy: readjust the concentricity of the pump and motor.

  1. Severe cavitation of water pump

Exclusion method: reduce the amount of water output, or increase the water level of the suction tank or suction well, reduce the height of the vacuum suction, or replace the pump with a higher vacuum.

  1. Bearing damage

Remedy: Replace with new bearing.

  1. Bent or worn pump shaft

Remedy: Repair pump shaft or replace with new bearing.

  1. Imbalance of water pump impeller or motor rotor

Exclusion method: disintegration check, static and dynamic imbalance test if necessary, this work can only be performed when other reasons are excluded.

  1. Pump in Sundries

Remedy: Open the pump cover and check for obstructions.

  1. Coupling inner column bolt or rubber column is worn or damaged

Remedy: Check the inner column of the coupling and repair or replace it if necessary.

  1. The flow is too large or too small, away from the allowable operating point of the pump

Exclusion method: adjust and control the water output or update and transform the equipment to meet the needs of the actual working conditions.


Failure three, bearing overheating

Cause analysis and troubleshooting:

  1. Sliding bearing oil ring rotates slowly with little oil or low oil level

Remedy: Check the oil level, observe the oil ring transmission speed, and repair or replace the oil ring.

  1. Insufficient cooling water supply in the fuel tank

Remedy: Check the cooling water pipe and the joint door. If there is a blockage, remove it.

  1. Water in the fuel tank destroys the lubricant film

Remedy: Check the cooling water pipe and fuel tank seal in the fuel tank, resolve leaks, and replace with new oil.

  1. Lubricant grade does not meet original design requirements or oil is dirty

Exclusion method: Use lubricating oil according to the instructions, check the oil quality regularly, always use the same brand of lubricating oil when replenishing the oil, and periodically replace with new oil.

  1. Shaft and inner ring of rolling bearing loosen and cause friction

Remedy: Repair shaft diameter or replace with new pump shaft and bearing..


Failure four, the cause of the heating in the stuffing room and the elimination method

Cause analysis and troubleshooting:

  1. The packing gland is pressed too tightly

Remedy: adjust the seasoning gland bolts so that they are properly tightened

  1. Sealed cooling water pipe section door is not opened or opened insufficiently

Exclusion method: Open the cooling water pipe section door and control the water in the filling chamber to drip continuously, preferably 30 to 60 drops per minute.

  1. Improper replacement of packing causes displacement of the water seal and blocks the water holes

Remedy: Stop and readjust the position of the water seal ring so that its water inlet is aligned with the cooling water injection hole.

  1. No water from pump, no cooling water lubrication

Remedy: Stop the machine and restart it according to the operating requirements.

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